Birds of a Feather collection

This collection was inspired from my love of wildlife and captures my fondness for birds. The collection includes a variety of species, from fierce birds of prey, to colorful cardinals and blue jays that visit my home daily.

Although I typically paint in broad brushstrokes, I became enamored with the intricate details of each feather as I delved deeper into their personalities and charm.

Ever graceful and intriguing, birds are often seen as a symbol of freedom, hope and new beginnings. Fragile yet powerful, birds remind us to enjoy the beauty of life.

I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I did creating it!

About the collection

An insight into my paper selection and process to make the Birds of a Feather collection

Personal touch

I sign and emboss each of my prints for a personal touch.

The collection is printed on a 340 gsm 100% cotton rag paper that has a texture and warm color tone similar to my original acrylic painting.

The media was designed for longevity and is free of acid, lignin, chlorine, and optical brightening agents.

Broad brush strokes

The initial layers are done with larger brush strokes to have more expressive color and show movement. These layers give more emotion and are meant to flow together.

Finer details

The final layers are done with a very fine brush to enhance the details, give contrast, and bring the birds to life. A lot of attention is paid to the eyes to showcase their personalities.