The Peony collection

Nature's Love Letter on a Fine Art Print

Claire de Lune by Debussy is one of my favorite piano songs to play. The music shares a romantic and moody quality with peonies. The song begins softly, gradually builds to a peak, and then fades away, much like the life cycle of a peony.

Peonies to me are both romantic and ephemeral. They always remind me of my childhood
and my grandmother, who used to visit from Poland when the peonies were in bloom in my mother’s back yard.

I hope peonies have a special meaning to you as they do for me.

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About the collection

An insight into my paper selection and process to make the Peony collection.

Personal touch

I sign and emboss each of my prints for a personal touch.

The collection is printed on a 340 gsm 100% cotton rag paper that has a texture and warm color tone similar to my original acrylic painting.

The media was designed for longevity and is free of acid, lignin, chlorine, and optical brightening agents.

Concept to reality

I used several peonies gifted to me from my neighbor's garden to create reference images. Each one was carefully placed to capture the perfect moody scene. Only the best ones made the cut for the story I wanted to tell.


For the Peony Collection, I went in with bold, sweeping brushstrokes to give it an expressive and colorful vibe. Some have extra details to make them come alive, while others stay loose and flowy.